Review: Chainsaw Warrior (iOs)

"Decisions, decisions...well, the game ain't called KNIFE Warrior!"

“Decisions, decisions…well, the game ain’t called KNIFE Warrior!”

Back when other kids were playing Monopoly or Uno (Or, ya know, meeting girls.), I was into many of Games Workshop’s games.  Played Talisman a lot, had some fun with Dungeonquest, still have my copy of the Judge Dredd RPG around here somewhere.  I remember being taunted by some of the games that would be listed in the catalog that I wouldn’t be able to afford or even find locally if I could.  I didn’t come from Old Money, so getting into Warhammer was out, Space Hulk was great, but I couldn’t afford the expansions, and I wasn’t into horror then, so Fury of Dracula was out.  (I’d find the horror genre later, which would shape my destiny in ways we’ll discuss another time.)

One game that always tempted me was Chainsaw Warrior.  I’d had friends who’d played it, but never got to try it myself.  All that ended today when I got hold of Auroch Digital’s Chainsaw Warrior app for iOs.  The motion comic intro brought me up to speed on the story nicely: Some evil darkness has descended upon future New York and is creating zombies and mutants.  Enter you: the cyborg Snake Plissken  guy they send in to destroy it before it devours the city, and then presumably the world.  (Evil Darknesses are NEVER satisfied consuming just a little bit of the land.)  And you’ve got 60 minutes to do it.  (Each action you take consumes 30 seconds, or more for really complicated or damaging things.)

A variety of futuristic gear is available to you, and you roll in character creation to see how much of it you can carry.  By default, two slots have to go to the Darkness-Killing Gun and your chainsaw, without which, you’re just a Run-of-the-Mill Warrior, and who wants one of those when you’ve got zombies all around?  Nope, zombie apocalypses and chainsaws go together like a burger and fries,

I’ve managed to play two games so far, and lost both times, but therein lies the fun: Replayability.  The first game, time ran out before I could find the Evil Darkness (Look, it’s actual NAME is “Darkness,” ok?  Saves me some typing here.).  In the second game, I managed to find Darkness with scant minutes to spare, but had forgotten to pack another ranged weapon, so the Anti-Darkness gun only had one shot left and I MISSED!!!

Oh yeah, everything is determined by random die rolls modified by your stats and items.  So no matter how badass you are, you could still roll a 2 and the zombie roll a 12 and actually have a problem.  You roll up your character’s stats at the beginning of the game, so the next playthrough, you might turn out to be better at using guns than hand-to-hand, or have fewer hit points, but be better able to avoid traps.  I’m sure if I go far enough as to say “It’s never the same game twice,” someone will find me two identical games just to show me.  So why not?  It’s never the same game twice.  Now go do all that hard work for the satisfaction of proving me wrong.

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed this game and hoping to see more from this publisher.  But for now, you’ll have to forgive me: Future New York needs me!!!


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