Then the man at the back said “Everyone Attack” and it turned into a Wasteland Bar Fight!!!

I appreciate a good post-apocalypse as much, if not more, than the next guy.  (Anyone who’s done customer service work can tell you what a great idea the breakdown of society would be.)  So, I was glad to see “Wasteland Bar Fight” by Kybernesis ( come across my desk. A “Beat ‘Em Up” type game in the best possible sense.

WBF Feature Image

The premise is no more complex than a game called “Wasteland Bar Fight” needs: You are in a bar in a wasteland.  Someone spills your beer, a fight ensues.  Anyone need more details?  If so, get off my page!

You stand with your back to the bar as thugs come at you from all sides.  Tap in the goon’s direction to punch, slide to kick.  Beers randomly get placed on the bar and you can drink them for health if you get a moment free from the mob.  There’s a Jackie Chan feel to it as most of the mooks go down with one or two hits, then come the bosses that you fight while still fending off waves of their underlings.  (Did I just use every synonym for “goon” that I can think of there?  Yes?  Good.)

WBF Gerges Fighting Front Kick

If there was anything that I could think of to take issue with the game, it’d be that there’s no room in the simple yet enjoyable gameplay for classic barroom brawl moments like hoisting a goon onto the bar and sliding him down it.  But hey, I’ll live with it.  This ain’t Fable or Portal or Final Fantasy Whatever, it’s not deluding itself that it’s high art or that it’ll “change the face of gaming forever,” it’s punching and kicking guys in a bar, and that’s ALL it NEEDS TO BE!

The press kit says that this game is planned to be the first of Kybernesis’ “Corp Wars” setting.  It’s definitely an introduction that makes me want to see more.  I still don’t have any kind of Rating System in place, but a game as simple and to-the-point as Wasteland Bar Fight deserves a review as simple and to-the-point as It’s Good.  I also haven’t come up with a clever sign-off yet, so let’s be simple and to-the-point there as well: Bye, go check this game out.

WBF Gallia Fighting Jab KOAnd also, ya know, go beat some thugs.


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